Workflow for Buyers

Adaptive works with buyers to understand their desired criteria, then pro-actively approaches both our existing network and the wider market to identify and engage well-matched target prospects.

Initial Briefing
Our first consultations with buyers clarify the precise criteria of the ideal target as well as determine the suitability of Adaptive's networks to deliver a successful search.

Once target criteria are established, Adaptive reviews any prospect lists compiled by the buyer to understand past or pending engagements, as well as future targets already on the buyer's radar.

Adaptive then works outside of a finalized list to ensure minimal overlap in future search efforts.

Our search process is rapid and in-depth. By leveraging both the existing networks of our team of sector-specific consultants and a variety of leading market research platforms, we are able to quickly build comprehensive prospect lists across a variety of industries.

A target list is only as valuable as the discussions it generates.

Adaptive has a track record of exceptionally high prospect engagement rates - both with active and passive sellers - through peer introduction, compelling presentation of opportunity and pro-active follow-up.

Adaptive's prospect qualification process aims to cover all essential screening questions necessary for a buyer to determine whether or not an opportunity is worth the time investment of a direct discussion.

Our consultants speak with prospects to confirm key high-level items including:

  • shareholder structure
  • pricing model
  • revenue and profitability history (3+ years)
  • customer base (including MSA's and multi-year contracts)
  • revenue breakdown (geography, sector, customer, percentage)
  • corporate hierarchy
  • exit strategy and time-frame

Once a buyer confirms interest in a prospective seller, Adaptive facilitates a qualified introduction directly between the two. Our consultants ensure that both parties are fully briefed prior to the discussion, with the buyer in possession of all essential contextual information required for a productive engagement (seller time-frame, motivation, target valuation etc.)

Adaptive's involvement does not end with the introduction, and our team remains fully engaged throughout subsequent phases of the acquisition process.

As well as  continuing to provide a conduit for efficient information exchange (financial documentation, meeting scheduling), Adaptive serves as a valuable mediator throughout the process. Our team ensures that the buyer is kept informed of all developments in the seller's business, attitudes and circumstances, and ultimately works to enable a successful close.