Workflow for Sellers

We partner with both active and passive sellers, tailoring our interaction to ensure that clients receive news of the most relevant opportunities for consideration.

Initial Briefing
Adaptive connects with companies along all points of the seller activity spectrum, from those actively seeking exit to those passively interested in being kept notified of strategic market openings.

Our initial briefings focus on building a high-level understanding of the seller's business, and confirming where our networks may best be able to assist in connecting the seller with specific opportunities.  

From here, we create a plan of action and tailor our future contact to support the company's M&A goals. This may range from keeping a client informed of unique market matches through to conducting a pro-active search to identify and engage buyers for maximum exit value.

IM Creation
When engaging with active sellers, Adaptive's next phase is to schedule NDA-protected discussions to form a deeper understanding of the seller's corporate structure, financial track record and customer portfolio.

Once this is completed, Adpative's consultants will create an Information Memorandum which will be reviewed and approved by the seller directly. For niche-market sellers interested in confidentially exploring openings, the IM will be composed anonymously, allowing prospective buyers enough insight into the company profile to qualify interest whilst preserving the identity of the seller.

Prospect Targeting
Prior to any active outreach, Adaptive will confirm with the seller the scope and focus of planned discussions with prospective buyers to ensure alignment.

Where necessary, our consultants will present target lists to ensure minimal overlap with any prior M&A-related conversations by the seller, and to highlight any buyers representing an especially strong strategic match.

Adaptive also uses this phase of the process to ensure that the seller has reviewed and approved all content and documentation relating to Adaptive's buyer outreach.

Buyer Engagement
Adaptive's consultants use a wide range of tools to ensure that all viable target buyers are effectively engaged, beginning with our extensive proprietary contact databases, peer networks and industry-leading market research and business networking platforms.

Even with well-aligned potential fit, opportunities can be overlooked or lose momentum.

Adaptive's consultants work diligently to provide sellers an established communication channel to the best-matched potential buyers in the global market.

Buyer Qualification
Discussions with prospective buyers focus on more than the promotion of the acquisition opportunity - they are also used to understand the buyer's motivation and ability to act on a potential deal.

During the course of the conversations, Adaptive will facilitate the exchange of any additional information between the buyer and seller which may be necessary for either party to vet the potential match.

Adaptive's conversations with all buyers take place under NDA, and have the objective of providing fully qualified introductions between buyers and sellers who have a detailed understanding of each other's profiles and positions and seek to enter into direct dialogue.

Introductions are initiated at the seller's request, once a buyer profile and positioning have been reviewed and approved as a promising match.

Adaptive provides a contextualized introduction, clearly framing the parameters for initial engagement and outlining any important early discussion points to enable both parties to have a productive opening conversation.

Adaptive's team continues to support the seller after introduction, qualifying and scheduling further discussion steps and facilitating dialogue as the process evolves.

Our consultants support and assist sellers throughout every stage, serving as advisers and mediators and working towards maximum exit value.  

Adaptive also provides sellers with access to a range of ancillary services via an extensive partner network of legal, financial and market-sector specialist consultants.